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Survive the Apocalypse with 60 Seconds! Reatomized APK for Android

"60 Seconds" is a comedy survival adventure game. The content of the game is divided into two parts. The first part lasts for 60 seconds and requires the player to search for the materials and medicines needed for life in the home as much as possible, so as to survive and entertain in the underground refuge in the future.

Playing 60 Seconds! Reactomized is like watching a funny cartoon movie. You will meet the American model family of 4 and together with them collect their belongings within 60 seconds, get into the bunker and start many funny things during your stay here.

60 seconds reatomized apkpure

60 Seconds! Reatomized introduces you to an American family of four: Dolores, Ted, Mary Jane, and Timmy. He was peacefully living a normal life when one day, bad news came when nuclear weapons were activated. Within 60 seconds, each person must run around the house gathering all the items they think are necessary to survive in the family bunker.


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